The International Institute for the Study of Kurdish Societies (IISKS) is a non-governmental, non-political, not-for-profit professional organization for researchers and scholars interested in the culture and civilization of the Kurdish societies and related areas everywhere in the world. The Institute is organized to conduct and carry out research on all aspects of Kurdish and related studies, to publish, disseminate and distribute the results of such research, to promote  the  cause of the Institution and assure its continuation as a scholarly and vibrant data bank dealing with all aspects of Kurdish culture and  history in its widest temporal and spatial context, to ensure that the Institution keeps  abreast of the latest research in all areas of Kurdish Studies, and if  necessary  to update previously published entries (in print or electronically), to help ensure the financial health of the Institution, and to receive, hold, and directly or indirectly to administer funds, securities, gifts and bequests for the purposes listed above, without limitations.

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International Institute for the Study of Kurdish Societies is indebted to its generous staff, volunteers, corporations, and foundations who help IISKS. Their time and financial support allow IISKS to provide diverse services that define it as an outstanding academic institution. We believe that any contribution is as unique as its donor and we are grateful for every single moment and every single contribution. We strongly believe that, no gift is so insignificant as to be unworthy of giving. Your support, of any kind and size, can keep IISKS going and ensure the production and dissemination of ideas that may change the world. Our project is to bridge the distances between individual scholars from different places and disciplines and to make high standard studies accessible to scholars of Kurdish societies across the globe. Help us provide emerging voices, young scholars and talented artists with necessary means and opportunity to reach out to international audiences.