The International Institute of Kurdish Studies is organizing its first online summer school in Kurdish to advance Kurdish studies.

School Calendar:

  • Registration Deadline: July 1 – July 10
  • School Dates: July 15 – Auhust 31, 2024
  • Class Schedule: (To be announced…)


Analytical History of Kurdistan’s Political Parties (Dr. Said Shams, London)

Analytical History of Thought in Contemporary Kurdistan, (Dr. Rahbar Mahmoudzadeh, Shino)

Analytical History of Thought in Kurdistan in the 19th and 20th Centuries (Dr. Esmaeil Mahmoudi, Meriwan)

Bābā Tāhir’s Influence on Gorāni Literature and the Yārsān Beliefs (Dr. Parvin Mahmoudveysi, Cologne)

Humankind from the Beginning to the Present (Dr. Saman H. Guran, Cologne)

Idiology and Language (Dr. Adel Mohammadi, Sine)

Kurdish Nationalism and Religion (Dr. Kamal Soleimani, Mexico City)

Orientalism and Kurdish Studies (Dr. Ahmad Mohammadpour, Boston)

Textual Criticism, Edition Identification, and Textual Correction Challenges (Dr. Mohammad Abdoli, Mehabad)

The concept of space and place in Kurdish Culture (Dr. Hooshman Alizadeh, Vienna)

The Kurdish Issue, the Right to Self-Determination, and International Law (Dr. Ebad Rouhi, Sine)

Towards a Standard Kurdish Writing System (Dr. Behrooz ChamanAra, Frankfurt am Main)


Conditions and Registration Process:

The school requires only initial registration; no additional documents or certificates are necessary. Proficiency in Kurdish is essential for participation and engagement in the classes. Applicants can enroll in any or all classes. Registration begins on July 1, and relevant information will be shared in advance. Please note that the registration page will only be active from the specified date.


How to Attend Classes:

All classes will be conducted online via Zoom. To participate, please use the following links to download the Zoom software and create a user account:

Zoom for Andriod

Zoom for IOS

Important Notes:

  • Participation in classes is open to all interested individuals.
  • Attendance in all classes is free of charge.
  • Telegram groups have been created to facilitate communication but joining them is optional and not a requirement for class attendance.
  • Participants who attend at least 6 sessions will receive a certificate of participation.
  • Each course consists of a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 7 sessions.

Contact Information: